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The photographs in this gallery are the ones which have been most popular with buyers of my limited edition signed prints. All pictures on this website can be supplied up to A3 size as signed numbered prints on archival paper. Please e-mail me (michaelgore@ntlworld.com) to discuss your order and prices

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Chinstrap Penguin

chinstrap penguin, michael gore

Chinstrap Penguin on snow - South Shetland Islands

Photo ID: 354

Adelie Penguin

adelie penguin, michael gore

Adelie Penguin on snow, Antarctic Peninsula

Photo ID: 355

Adelie Penguins

adelie penguins, michael gore

A group of Adelie Penguins walking on snow - Antarctic Peninsula

Photo ID: 356

Adelie Penguins

adelie penguins, michael gore

A party of Adelie Penguins diving off an ice-floe, Antarctic Peninsula

Photo ID: 357

Photos: 1-4 | 5-8 | 9-12

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